Full Circle Donation Program

Full Circle Donation Program.

We’ve helped thousands of Not-For-Profits across Canada stretch their limited budgets up to four times further. Let us help you.

The Full Circle Donation Program

Every Not-For-Profit order will receive a FREE case of donations.

Did you know? Our team of bargain experts have years of experience helping various non-profit organizations stretch their budgets. That’s why Bargains Group should always be your go-to source for wholesale Not-For-Profit supplies in Canada.

Need another reason to choose Bargains Group? Thanks to our Full Circle Donation Program, every Not-For-Profit order big or small comes complete with a FREE case of donations!

The Full Circle Donation Program was established to help our suppliers recycle useful surpluses of products and give them to those that need them most, instead of paying to have them disposed of in landfill sites. Like they say “One man’s garbage is another man’s gold!”

To date the Full Circle Donation Program has donated over 500,000 units free to Not-For-Profit organizations across Canada.

Donations are always needed product such as: soap, shampoo, lotion, clothing, gifts, toys etc.

Do you have product you would like to donate? Here at Bargains Group, we can help you find a home for it! Contact me at jodys@bargainsgroup.com for more information.

Our Mission

The Full Circle Donation Program aims to provide the Not-For-Profit and Social Service Sector with more product donations, helping them to stretch their limited budgets even further. Saving money allows you to spend money on growing programs.

What We Do

Bargains Group offers a case of FREE donations to every Not-For-Profit order. Previous donations have included items such as personal care products, lines, gifts, clothing, accessories, and more. We have a warehouse full of donations to share.

How You Can Help

You can help by spreading the word to organizations in need, as every Not-For-Profit needs free donations. If you know somebody who has product to donate, tell them to contact us – we’d love to help.

Who We Are

“The Full Circle Donation Program” is a Bargains Group initiative and is our version of a loyalty type program for the Not-For-Profit sector.

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