School Supplies for Backpack Programs in Canada

School Supplies for Backpack Programs in Canada.

We’ve helped thousands of Not-For-Profits across Canada stretch their limited budgets up to four times further. Let us help you.

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How we can help school supply programs at up to 80% off.

If you’re the person responsible for the supplies for your backpack program, you’re in the right place. Bargains Group can help you with school supplies such as: backpacks, binders, notebooks, calculators, stationery products, books, and other learning tools. We have products for all ages of children, from kindergarten to high school.

Below is a sample of the wide assortment of Not-For-Profit school supplies – all available for sale at below wholesale prices!

Jody's guide to purchasing Not-For-Profit school supplies at below wholesale prices

Expert Tips From Bargain Jody

Expert advice on how to help your organization get the school supplies you need for less!

Need help with school supplies for your back to school program? You should always start by contacting Jody and her team of Not-For-Profit experts! Thanks to our extensive knowledge and experience helping back to school programs, we can guide you in the right direction on how to get the best value for every dollar.

What to include in the ultimate back-to-school kit.

Back-To-school kits provide the items needed for a student to succeed in school. Here at Bargains Group, we’ve compiled the perfect shopping list of essential school supplies to include in these kits (…and don’t forget, everything listed here is available at below wholesale prices!):

  • School supply kits (customizable)
  • Backpacks
  • Notebooks & paper
  • Writing utensils
  • Rulers & math sets
  • Calculators
  • Miscellaneous

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Find out what you need to know to make your job easier by reading blog posts by our team of experts here at Bargains Group.

Everything you need to know about shopping for Not-For-Profit school supplies in Canada by reading posts blogged by our team of experts here at Bargains Group!

Back to School Kits for Less!

You want to do more but lack of funding, and busy days don’t always support your efforts. I know from experience that trying to gather many different items to create one kit can be stressful and expensive. Read More

Ordering School Supplies

Ready? Contact us with any questions you have, or to place an order. Call toll free 1-877-868-5655.

Connect with one of our Not-For-Profit bargain experts and find out how you can supply your backpack program with more for less.

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